8 Strategies for Your Net New Business Success!

Discover how to increase your company's success by unlocking the secrets of "Net New Business"! Learn easy strategies to gain new customers, earn more money, and stay competitive. Understand the reaching more people to sell your stuff, and making sure your business stays strong. Find practical tips to boost your reputation, attract diverse customers, and achieve long-term success in today's business world.

8 Strategies for Your Net New Business Success!

In business, there's a big idea called "Net New Business." It's all about finding new customers or getting old ones back to make more money. This article talks about why getting new business matters a lot. We'll explore how it helps companies grow, stay competitive, and keep making money. By understanding the importance of net new business, we can see how it's key to a company's success and future growth.


"Net New Business" means getting new customers or reactivating old ones to make money.

In simpler terms, it's finding new ways to make money for a business, without just selling more to current customers.

For any business, getting Net New Business is the main way to grow and make more money.

8 Strategies for Successful Net New Business Growth

Every sales leader or manager must make their company earn more money. To do this, they need to get new business. There are two ways to do this. One way is to sell more to the people who already buy from you. This is good because you already know them and have deals with them. The other way is to find new people to sell to.

When you sell more to your current customers, you find new chances to make money, which we call net new business. When you try to get new customers, you're looking for new people to sell to. A good leader who wants their company to grow will use both ways at the same time. Below, we'll talk about why it's important for sales leaders and managers to get net new business, which is one of the things they aim for in sales.

1. Making More Money:

If you want to make more money, you need to focus on getting new business. Ignoring the importance of gaining new customers can be harmful to your business. Sometimes, the way sales teams are organized can actually prevent them from bringing in new business and making more money. This happens when their compensation plans only reward them for keeping existing customers happy, instead of bringing in new ones. Another problem is when there's no pressure for sales teams to find new opportunities.

If you're not getting new customers faster than you're losing old ones, your business could start shrinking instead of growing. It's like digging yourself into a hole - to get out, you need to stop digging and start bringing in new customers. You'll always need new customers to make up for the ones you lose, and to keep your business growing.

2. Market Share:

If you don't get new customers for your business, it might get smaller, even if you still make the same amount of money. Imagine your business is like a piece of cake, and your competitors are taking bigger slices by getting new customers and making more money. You don't have to be a math whiz to realize your piece of the cake is getting smaller.

To make your business grow, you need to find new chances with the customers you already have. This brings in more money, which is called "net new business." But if you want to have a bigger piece of the cake in the market, you also have to go out and get new customers, especially the big ones your competitors have. It's like taking a bite out of their lunch and winning those customers over to your side. (Learn more in the book "Eat Their Lunch: Winning Customers Away from Your Competition").

3. New Stuff for More Business:

To stay important in your field, you might have to bring in new things like products and services. These can give your current customers more options and better things, making it easier for you to sell more to them. If these new things make your customers do better, it also attracts new customers to you. Being creative and offering something new helps you make more money.

When you sell these new things to the people who already buy from you and those who might buy from you, it brings in extra business and helps your money grow. These new things can also stop your customers from going to other companies.

4. Business Stability:

When you rely too much on one or two big clients for most of your money, your business can get hurt badly if those clients stop working with you. The more you depend on just a few clients, the more risky it is for your business. But when you get new clients, it helps make your income safer.

Three times in my life, I lost my biggest clients. But because I taught my team to always look for big clients, we managed to make up for the losses. If your plan for getting clients doesn't have replacements for the ones you might lose, you need to focus on finding new ones. Getting new clients is like having insurance for your business, and so is having a plan for getting them.

5. Your Reputation and Net New Business:

When you're expanding your business, your reputation becomes important. As you bring in new clients, especially big ones, your reputation gets better. The more clients you get, the more people see you as a top player in your industry. When you consistently deliver good results, your clients spread the word about you.

Having a good reputation makes it easier to find new opportunities and clients for your business. When people already know about your good work from others, it's simpler to start new conversations. Plus, when your existing clients recommend you to their friends or contacts, it helps bring in more business for you.

6. Staying Ahead of Your Competitors:

"Net New Business" refers to the new revenue, growth, and profit that helps you stay ahead of others in the market. Sales might not always be seen as a company's best way to compete, but it should be. It can be the main way the company makes money, but only if the sales team is really good at selling, has a great way to show value, and is very effective.

Sales leaders who want to beat the competition and get more new business should help their team use an approach that puts them ahead of others. Those who don't focus on making their sales team really good might find it hard to get new business, and sometimes they might not get any at all.

7. Getting Different Kinds of Customers:

It's not good to rely too much on just a few customers because if they stop buying, your business can get in trouble. So, when you work on getting new business, try to attract different types of customers. This way, if one group of customers doesn't buy as much, you have others to rely on.

Imagine your customers are like different pieces of a puzzle. If you have all the pieces from one group, and that group changes their mind, it's like losing a big part of your puzzle. But if you get pieces from different groups, even if one group changes their mind, you still have the rest of the puzzle intact.

Having customers from different places or backgrounds is like having a colorful mix of puzzle pieces. It not only protects your business from problems in one area but also shows that your business can adapt to different needs. This flexibility makes your business more appealing to a wide range of customers, helping you grow and succeed.

8. The Success of Your Company

In the business world, we often say "sales are vanity" and "profit is sanity." If a company doesn't make enough money or profit, it can face serious problems and might even fail. A company needs to keep growing to stay healthy. One key factor in this is cash flow. Focusing on net new business helps to avoid various risks.

It's not common for sales leaders to openly discuss why net new business matters for the success of the sales team, the company, and its clients. But these discussions are crucial. They help the team understand business better and grasp the economic realities they face. Talking about the importance of net new business in team meetings can help everyone focus on what's most important for the organization.

Growing Your Business Safely

You know when you're playing a game, and you want to make sure you don't lose any points? Well, it's the same with running a business. You want to make sure your business keeps growing and doesn't run into any problems. That's where getting new customers comes in handy!

Why It's Important: Imagine your business is like a plant. If you keep watering it with new customers, it grows big and strong. But if you stop getting new customers, it's like not giving your plant enough water—it starts to wither.

Avoiding Big Risks: Sometimes, if you rely too much on just a few customers, it's like putting all your eggs in one basket. If something happens and those customers stop buying from you, your business could be in trouble. But if you have lots of different customers, it's like having lots of baskets with eggs in them. Even if one basket falls, you still have plenty left!

Being the Popular Kid: Think of your business like the coolest kid in school. The more friends (or customers) you have, the more popular and successful you become. By getting new customers, you're making sure your business stays at the top of the popularity charts!

So, just like adding new toppings to makes it even better, getting new customers makes your business stronger and more successful. Keep growing, keep thriving, and watch your business blossom like never before!


To sum up, focusing on "Net New Business" is crucial for any company's growth and success. It's about finding new customers and keeping your business dynamic and competitive. By understanding the importance of attracting new clients, diversifying revenue, and staying adaptable, businesses can thrive in today's ever-changing market. Embracing the concept of net new business paves the way for sustained prosperity and resilience, ensuring that companies remain relevant and impactful in the evolving landscape of commerce.


1. What does "Net New Business" mean?

  • Answer: Net New Business means getting new customers or bringing back old ones to make more money for a company.

2. Why is Net New Business important for companies?

  • Answer: Net New Business helps companies grow, stay competitive, and make more money by expanding their customer base and revenue.

3. How can businesses attract Net New Business?

  • Answer: Businesses can attract Net New Business by trying new strategies like targeting different customer groups, offering new products/services, and improving their reputation.

4. What happens if companies don't focus on Net New Business?

  • Answer: Companies that ignore Net New Business might not grow as much, lose market share, and struggle to adapt to changes in the market.

5. How can sales leaders and managers support Net New Business efforts?

  • Answer: Sales leaders and managers can support Net New Business efforts by encouraging their teams to find new customers, providing training, and adjusting strategies to meet market demands.