Lionel Messi starts new drink similar to 'Prime'; KSI reacts

Lionel Messi starts new drink similar to 'Prime'; KSI reacts
Lionel Messi starts new drink similar to 'Prime'; KSI reacts Image via

On June 4, 2024, football legend Lionel Messi announced the launch of his new hydration drink brand, Más+. This announcement has sparked interest and debate in the sports and fitness communities. Fans and critics alike are comparing Más+ to Prime, a popular hydration drink created by YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul.

Messi's announcement came through a post highlighting the features of Más+. The drink is promoted as a healthy option with low sugar, electrolytes, vitamins, and no artificial sweeteners, colors, or caffeine. It is available in four flavors, including one named 'Orange d'.

A Closer Look at Más+

Lionel Messi, currently playing for Inter Miami, emphasized the importance of quality ingredients and taste. He believes everyone deserves a drink with amazing ingredients and taste. His drink aims to offer a healthier alternative to the many sugary options on the market.

The Timing and the Comparison

The launch of Más+ comes at a time when Prime, created by KSI and Logan Paul, is already well-established in the market. Prime is known for its colorful branding and popularity among young audiences. This has led to comparisons between the two brands, with some fans even calling Messi a "copycat".

KSI's Response

KSI, one of the co-founders of Prime, responded to the news of Más+ with a mix of humor and competitiveness. In a recent tweet, he congratulated Messi on the launch but also jokingly remarked that Prime would remain unmatched. KSI's response added to the buzz, with fans eagerly discussing the potential rivalry between the two brands.

Market Impact

The hydration drink market is highly competitive. With Messi's global influence and reputation, Más+ is expected to gain significant attention and market share quickly. However, Prime's established presence and strong fan base present a considerable challenge. The rivalry between Más+ and Prime could drive innovation and improvements in the hydration drink market, benefiting consumers.

Health and Wellness Focus

Both Más+ and Prime emphasize health and wellness. Más+ boasts a formula free from artificial additives, aligning with the growing consumer demand for clean and natural products. Prime also markets itself as a healthier option compared to traditional sports drinks, focusing on hydration and energy without excessive sugar.

Consumer Reactions

Reactions to the launch of Más+ have been mixed. Some fans are excited about having another high-quality option in the market. Others are skeptical, viewing it as an attempt to mimic the success of Prime. Social media has been buzzing with debates, comparisons, and memes, adding to the overall hype and curiosity about Más+.

The Future of Más+

As Más+ enters the market, it will face the test of consumer acceptance and loyalty. Messi's involvement and endorsement provide a strong foundation, but the brand will need to establish its unique identity to stand out. Collaborations, marketing strategies, and product innovations will play crucial roles in determining the success of Más+.


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