Can Your Company Blog Be in Google News? Let's Find Out!

Explore how your company blog can be featured on Google News. Learn simple rules, like clear dates and author info, to boost visibility. Follow our easy guide and let your news shine!

Can Your Company Blog Be in Google News? Let's Find Out!


In the big world of the internet, Google News is like a cool place where lots of people go to read news. This can be great for companies because lots of people see their news and maybe even buy things from them. But, there's a big question: Can your company blog be on Google News? Recently, a person asked John Mueller from Google about this, and we got some answers!

Discovering Google News

Google News is like a big hub where people find and read the latest news. It's kind of like a treasure chest for companies because if they're on Google News, more people might know about them, and that's awesome for business! Usually, we see news on special news websites, but can a company blog also be in this special Google News place?

Someone asked this important question in December 2023 during a talk with John Mueller from Google. They asked, "Can blogs owned by companies be on Google News?" John Mueller had some things to say:

"I can't talk directly about Google News because I work on Search, which is a bit different. But, when I look at their rules, I don't see anything saying company blogs can't be there. If you want to know more, you should ask in the News help community. And, if you want to check if your pages are already on Google News, look at the reports in Search Console."

Keep it Fresh and Relevant

Keep your company blog exciting and up-to-date! Google News loves fresh and interesting stories. So, make sure you're sharing the latest news and updates about your company. Keep your blog posts fun and engaging, and people will love reading them. By staying current and active, you'll catch Google's eye and keep your audience coming back for more. So, get ready to share the coolest news and let your company's blog sparkle on Google News!

Google News Rules: The Important Stuff

Mueller mentioned that the rules from Google about what can be on Google News don't really say much about company blogs. But, if a company wants to be on Google News, they need to know some important things from these rules. Besides not tricking people with false information, there are some key things to pay attention to:

Dates and Bylines Should Be Clear:

This means when you write something, make sure to say when it was written and who wrote it. This helps people know if the news is new or old.

Info About Authors, Publication, and Publisher is a Must:

Google wants to know who wrote the news, where it was published, and who's in charge. This helps people trust the news more.

Info About Your Company is Important:

If your company is talking about the news, you need to share details about your company. This helps people understand where the news is coming from.

Share Your Contact Information:

Make sure people can reach you. If someone wants to talk about the news, they should know how to get in touch. This makes things more open and honest.

Okay, so knowing these things is good, but does it mean your company blog is a sure thing for Google News?

Getting into Google News: How to Do It

If your company likes to share news on its blog, Google might find it by itself. But, if you want to make sure, you can do something more. Google has a special place called the publisher center where you can tell them about your blog. You can send them the link to your blog and ask them to put it on Google News. This way, you're not just waiting; you're saying, "Hey Google, look at my cool news!"

Now, the big question – Does Google really let company blogs be in the news?

Google Says Yes to Company Blogs in News!

The answer is a big YES! Google does put news from company blogs on Google News. Even though big news websites are the kings of Google News, Google is open to showing news from company websites too.

So, what have we learned?

Engage with Your Audience

Talk with your readers! Encourage them to share their thoughts and questions in the comments section of your blog. When they leave comments, make sure to respond and keep the conversation going. This makes your blog feel like a friendly hangout where everyone's ideas matter. Not only does it create a fun vibe, but it also shows Google that people are interested in what you have to say. So, get chatting with your audience and make your company blog a place where everyone feels welcome!


Guess what? Your company's blog can be on Google News! It's like being in a special club for news online, and your company can join. Just follow some simple rules, like saying when you wrote something and who wrote it. Google will be happy to include your news. Don't worry if you're not sure about the rules – Google will help you. You can go to the publisher center and tell Google, "Hey, I have great news on my blog!" It's not just a yes or no – it's an invite to join the big story on Google News. Your company can shine in the spotlight on Google News. Keep sharing your news, follow the rules, and let your company be the star!


1. Can My Small Company Blog Be on Google News?

  • Answer: Yes, your small company blog can be on Google News! Just follow the rules and share good news.

2. How Often Should I Write News on My Blog for Google News?

  • Answer: Write news regularly on your blog. It helps Google notice you more. Keep things fresh!

3. Can I Put Videos or Pictures in My News for Google?

  • Answer: Absolutely! Add videos or pictures to make your news fun. Just make sure they fit with your news and follow the rules.

4. Does Google News Like Specific Topics More?

  • Answer: Nope! Google News likes all kinds of topics. Whether it's big news or something specific, share what your audience likes.

5. What if Google Says No to My Blog on Google News?

  • Answer: Don't worry! Check the rules and fix what's missing. You can ask for help on the News community or talk to Google for advice.